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Founded in 2009, Beautiful Pixels has been a prime source of inspiration for designers, developers and app enthusiasts alike. The site showcases some of the most beautifully designed apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & other platforms and features many great examples of websites built using modern technologies.

Beautiful Pixels draws an audience that is passionate about good design, mobile platforms and the web. If you think your product or service is a great fit for our audience, let’s talk.

  • Weekly Sponsorships
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★ Sponsorships

Our Weekly Sponsorships are the best way to promote your product or service to our audience. These sponsorships are exclusive — we only choose one sponsor a week. Beautiful Pixels has a readership of close to half-a-million pageviews, over 300,000 subscribers via RSS and over 20,000 followers via Twitter.

When you book a sponsorship, you get:

  • A blog post promoting your product/service will be published on the website at the start of the week, available via RSS and published to our social media channels.
  • Your choice of text + link will be present in the sidebar on the right for the entirety of the week.
  • Your choice of text + link will be present at the bottom of every post available via RSS.
  • A linked item & tweet thanking you will be published at the end of the week.
  • A giant Thank You from us for supporting our site.

Price: $300 per week


★ Premium Sidebar Ad

This is our Premium ad zone, displayed at the top right of our website in the sidebar. Ads displayed in this zone are visible on all pages of the website. The ad uses one 130×100 (260×200 for Retina) image along with a short string of text next to it.

Price: $300 per month


★ RSS Footer Ad

This ad zone is located at the bottom of every article published and available via our RSS feed. Sold monthly, this ad zone has tremendous potential with a reach of over 330,000 subscribers. This ad zone uses a 300×250 ad image and a short string of text below it.

Price: $300 $200 per month


★ Bottom Sidebar Ad

This ad zone offers a 300×250 ad image and is located at the bottom half of the sidebar on the right.

Price: $100 $75 per month



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