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Crimson Keyboard

The iOS system keyboard is really good. It became the guidestone for touchscreen keyboards since its launch in 2007, and has almost always been considered the industry leader. SwiftKey was the only serious challenger to its supremacy, but mostly because the iOS keyboard wasn’t available on Android. Even though iOS 8 launched with third-party keyboard support, and SwiftKey was finally available on iOS, lingering...


Currenci — Simple Currency Converter App & Widget

Currenci is a really simple currency converter app for iPhone that also offers an equally simple Today Widget in the Notification Center on iOS 8. Currenci is designed to be a straightforward app and does a pretty good job of helping you with your conversions. Currenci features a slick, all-white UI with colored highlights. You can select between eight different colors for the highlights...


Timr — Simple Timer & Stopwatch App

Every so often, we come across an app here on Beautiful Pixels that manages to impress us thanks to its sheer simplicity. Timr is one such app that recently found its way onto my iPhone. It’s a super simple timing app for iPhone and iPad that offers both a countdown timer as well as a stopwatch features through the same user interface. The app...