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TodoMovies 4

TodoMovies 4

We’ve followed the entire journey of TodoMovies here on Beautiful Pixels. We’ve loved the app right from its debut on the App Store in 2012 and then the beautifully crafted updates to it in the form of TodoMovies 2 in 2013 and TodoMovies 3 in 2014, which although a separate app, was released Free on the App Store. Today, the Taphive duo have released...

Zeeen Dribbble App

Zeeen — A Dribbble App

Zeeen is a new Dribble app for iPhone crafted by Nob Nakui and Katsuhisa Ishii. Built on the API offered by Dribbble, Zeeen is a lot like the many other Dribbble apps out there. But Zeeen differs in the way it handles your iPhone’s screen real estate and the way in which it displays the images on it. When you first launch Zeeen, you...

Coda 2 for iOS

Coda for iOS v2.0

Panic has long been one of my favorite app developer shops out there. They have crafted some exceptional pieces of software over the last few years, starting with the Mac and then onto iOS, and their apps have made it to our Editor’s Choice of 2012 as well as 2014 lists. They’re responsible for two of the most frequently used apps on my Mac...