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Moon — Your Personal Lunar Portal

Moon is probably one of the best examples of apps that are part of prestigious ‘one-thing-well‘ club. As the name suggests, Moon is a simple app that helps you keep yourself updated with not just the current moon phase, but also how it will look on a certain date. There’s something calm and serene about Moon’s UI. You tend to keep looking at the moon in the dark sky lit by millions of little stars and other objects. You can...


Amity — An Interactive Chat App for iOS and Android

Amity is a lovingly crafted interactive messaging app for iOS and Android that adds a lot of fun elements to your chats. Debuting just a few of days before iOS 10 was out with the all new iMessages platform, Amity boasts of its own unique approach that make your old, boring, text-only chats much more lively and interactive. It also has the added benefit of being available for Android devices as well, so a lot more of your friends can...

Prisma’s Filter Effects Now Also Available for Video

Water — The Intake Tracking & Reminder App by NFN Labs Adds Achievements


Pagico 8: One App to Manage All Your Tasks, Files & Notes [Sponsor]

Managing tasks, files, projects and clients is nobody’s idea of a good time, but Pagico will make your life easier by letting you manage all these things in one elegant package. It is one of the few apps that combines task and data management into one easy-to-use package. Imagine having boarding passes right next to travel itineraries, or design drafts together with meeting notes. Then, see the big picture of your workload in interactive flowcharts compiled automatically from all your...


Spark — Simply Better Email

These days, Email has been having one of those existential crises that is usually reserved for the fat molecules present in eggs ("Am I healthy? Or am I a part of an unhealthy item of food? Why am I stuck in this yellow goo?", you get the idea). It still forms an important part of our everyday lives — professional and personal, but it's generally considered so 1990s, that "I'll send you an email" is the new "How many Tazos...