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Contacts Pad — Your Favorite Contacts Just a Tap Away [Sponsor]

Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO

Following the success of the immensely popular games Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, Square Enix Montréal is back with another insanely good turn-based puzzle adventure in its GO series of games with Deus Ex GO. Based off of the Deus Ex franchise, the game entails the covert agent Adam Jensen as he tries to infiltrate with the use of his hacking, combat and augmentation skills. The game ships with over 50 levels and the studio says that a new...

13 Circles 13 Animations

13 Animals Made From 13 Circles

Doroto Pankowska is an Art Director, Artist and Designer from Paris (via Toronto) who I came across last week for this beautifully crafted project titled 13 Animations Made From 13 Circles. Inspired by the Twitter logo, which is made from 13 perfect circles, I decided to give myself a design challenge. I haven’t done aesthetic work in a while and I wanted to show something simple & nice in my portfolio! So, here are 13 animals each made out of...

Google Duo

Google Releases Duo — A Simple Video Calling App for iOS and Android

Back in May this year, Google announced two new apps for messaging and video calling — Allo and Duo. Today, the search giant has released Google Duo into the wild, both for Android and iOS. Google Duo is a pretty simple and straightforward video calling app. It works with your phone number and doesn’t require a Google account. I love the simple interface with just a giant ‘Video Call’ button at the bottom, along with avatars of people you can...

Contacts Pad

Contacts Pad — Your Favorite Contacts Just a Tap Away [Sponsor]

Perhaps you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contacts in your Address Book, but how many of them do you actually use on a daily basis? Exactly, just a few, like everyone else. For those people that you contact often, Contacts Pad provides you tons of ways to communicate with them. From WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat or FaceTime to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Simply open the app, or better yet, do it right from your Notification Center. Some key features...

Storm It — The Tweetstorm App comes to iOS