An Unhealthy Lust for Design

Simplenote for iOS with Markdown

Simplenote for iOS Gains Markdown Support

Simplenote has long been my favorite notes app on any platform. I’ve been using it for years now and always recommend it as a hassle-free, no-bullshit app. Three years ago, I wrote: Simplenote has always kept the focus on content — your content. With a bare minimum chrome in its apps, Simplenote has stayed away from flashy gradients, big UI elements and detailed icons and instead, has offered a minimal, mostly white user interface to its users. Three years on,...


Spotio — An Rdio-inspired Skin for Spotify

Here’s an interesting project we came across a couple of days ago. Devin Halladay — a designer and writer from Baltimore has crafted a complete visual overhaul of the Spotify Mac app that makes it look and feel more like the Rdio app — the music streaming service that Pandora acquired a few months ago. The Spotify app on Mac features only a Dark UI and while it looks great, this sure is an interesting way to theme it. Why...

PDF Expert 2

PDF Expert 2 — The Powerful PDF Editor for Mac

These days, Readdle has made a name for itself when it comes to apps that involve documents. The company makes some of the best apps out there, like Documents for handling your documents from various sources, Scanner Pro for scanning your documents, Printer Pro for printing documents, Spark for email, and PDF Office, PDF Expert and PDF Convertor for all your PDF needs. This week, Readdle introduces PDF Expert 2 — a gigantic update to the powerful and robust PDF...

Pinterest Acquires Instapaper from Betaworks


Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n

A Note about Spoilers: This article contains minor spoilers about the TV show that this game is based on, not the game itself. If you haven’t seen the show, well, we urge you to do that first. When I first heard about Mr. Robot — a drama- thriller TV show based on the premise of cybersecurity and hacking, I was charmed and interseted by it. If you haven’t seen the show, you most defintely should — it’s in it’s second...


Taggle — Clean your Photo Gallery with #tags [Sponsor]

With the growth of social media and increased quality of phone camera, we are taking more pictures than ever. Yet, for the past decade, the process of organizing photos have remained pretty much the same: create folders, select photos to put in, create another folder, select photos… Sometimes it’s awkward to create a folder for just one or two photos, and if you were to look for a photo on a spot, you would be scrolling, squinting your eyes, looking...