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Origami – App Prototyping for the 21st Century

A single year of software testing taught me one simple fact – Engineers are from Xcode and Designers are from Photoshop. They speak completely different languages, most of the time. When they do manage to collaborate, they are both used to such different tools, that a well designed app or service actually ends up, almost always, as a compromise release – with both sides having a say, but neither side getting EXACTLY what it wants. Enter Origami, an amazing, opensource...


Maxthon’s New MX5 Marks a New Wave of Cloud Browser [Sponsor]

The next-gen web browser, Maxthon’s MX5, released its official version on October 27th after a successful beta trial testing the browser series’ newest features. The improved Maxnote (named Infobox in the beta version) is an all-in-one bookmarking, note-taking, and screen-shot saving feature that ensures you’ll never forget why you saved those webpages again. This combined with MX5’s password-saving Passkeeper and spam-filtering UUMail make MX5 a user-friendly, new wave of browser that is guaranteed to change the way you surf the...

Yoink App is on Sale at $1.99 on the Mac App Store

Medium’s App Update Makes Blogging Even Better

Google's Material Design Awards 2016

Google Announces Material Design Awards 2016

Google has today announced the 2016 winners of the company’s prestigious Material Design Awards. Introduced last year, the Material Design Awards honor the efforts taken by app developers in embracing and embodying the Material Design principles. Announcing this year’s winners on the Google Design blog, Rich Fulcher, the Lead UX Designer @ Google, writes: A design system only comes to life when it’s used to create meaningful experiences. Last year, Google introduced the Material Design Awards to recognize best-in-class achievements...

Black Wallpapers Download

Black — A Dark Wallpaper Series using Shapes and Lights

We haven’t posted about wallpapers in a while here on Beautiful Pixels, so here’s a spiffy new series to get you going. If dark wallpapers are something you desire, you should take a look at Black. Black is a project by Jean-Marc Denis, who is currently the Design manager at Facebook and has previously worked at Google on Inbox and VR projects and is also known for his work on Sparrow — the immensely popular mail client back in the...