An Unhealthy Lust for Design


mockMock — A Photoshop Plugin for iOS device mockups

If you’ve ever wanted to display iPhone screenshots in beautiful iPhone device frames, mockMock is something you’d definitely be interested in. mockMock is a Photoshop Plugin offered by wuwacorp’s Ben Benhorin & Oleg Milshtein that takes your iPhone screenshot and automatically creates a beautiful mockup for you. mockMock can be used by anyone and everything, thanks to just how easy it is to use....

New Google Play Icons

Google Unveils New Icons for the Google Play Family of Apps

Google has just announced these new icons for their Google Play family of apps. The new flat icons are a refreshing change and look really elegant compared to their previous versions. They feel a lot more colorful, visually appealing and, in a way, nicer than before. The change was announced by Jonathan Chung, Visual Design Lead, Google Play on the official Android blog. Since...


Yoink — Simplify And Improve Drag and Drop on your Mac [Sponsor]

Dragging files between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen applications can be cumbersome, having to keep the mouse button pressed until you’re at the files’ desired destination or having to know beforehand where the folder is you’d like to drag the files to. Yoink simplifies this by providing a place where you can temporarily store your dragged files so your mouse is free to move...