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Stand In

This is an absolute godsend for iOS app designers. Stand In allows you to create prototypes of your app UI in Photoshop CC and then interact with it on your iOS device as if it was an actual app. Any changes you make in Photoshop are updated real time in Stand In, allowing you to see and evaluate changes as you make them. You can also share your prototype with others and allow them to interact with it as an app, instead of having to share design workflows and illustrations. It is an incredible experience, and we were blown away. You can sign up now for a 14-day free trial, following which, Stand In costs $25 a month for unlimited prototypes, a real bargainl when you think about the possibilities Stand In opens up for you. Still need some convincing? Check out the Video Tutorials they’ve made.

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The Code Sheriff: 8 Tips for working effectively with Interface Builder

Anyone who’s ever worked on UI design knows how difficult it is to get dimensions and proportions of onscreen UI elements just right. Interface Builder, Xcode’s inbuilt editor for designing UI, has some great shortcuts and tricks that help make this onerous task easier. The delightful blog, The Code Sheriff, has a handy guide to eight such tricks, complete with GIFs for demonstration, for your pleasure.

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Before getting to the platter, you have only 4 days left to get your own official Beautiful Pixels tee from Cotton Bureau. They ship starting April 17th. Also if you’re interested in products from Beautiful Pixels like stickers, coasters and mugs, here is a short survey.

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We’ve just crossed the 25 tee threshold for the official, limited-edition Beautiful Pixels tee on Cotton Bureau. This means that you can now definitely go ahead and order one (or more) for yourself and it’ll be shipped out to you starting April 17th. We still have 11 more days left in the campaign, so you can also help by spreading the word about it. Go ahead, check it out.

Free Icons

With iOS 7 shifting to the flat interface, glyphs have become an even more essential component of App Design. Several icon sets are available on the net, but we at BP found a fantastic set of vector icons, available for free. All you need to do to access 100 of the nicest icons/glyphs we’ve seen is to use ‘Pay with a Tweet’, the social payment system. Simply post a message linking to the website, and they’re yours.

The Making of Tengami

Tengami is a beautiful, atmospheric puzzle game, available as a Universal App for iOS and soon to be available on Windows and OS X. It was reviewed in detail by Mikhail, and it comes heartily recommended.

We came across an article on the development of Tengami, and thought we’d share it because it highlights the excruciating level of detail that goes into making something so stunning. The design decisions and mechanics behind delivering the experience of physical manipulation of Japanese paper to a touchscreen device is a study in innovative thinking and is bafflingly beautiful. The highlight of the piece is the short video on the prototyping that went into gameplay design.

Apple TV – The Next Generation

While we pride ourselves on our painstaking coverage on design on the software side, we often come across beautiful hardware designs that merit a feature here, too. In conjunction with the German tech blog, Martin Hajek came up with an incredibly drool-worthy concept for the next generation Apple TV. Designed to match the new iPhone 5s in design and colour choice, these renders are stunning in their simplicity and construction. I especially love the design of the Remote that they’ve worked on. It looks like a redesigned iPod Nano, and is colour matched with its parent Apple TV. The designers even included a version of the remote that could work like a game controller. The attention to detail, such as the inclusion of a lanyard or the ingenious thought of making the Apple TV’s puck an induction charging pad for the Remote, is just so Apple-like.

Seriously, if the rumoured, long-awaited redesign is anywhere close to this concept, it would become just the latest device in the Apple stable that would make people yell, “Shut up and take my money!”. We know we would definitely get one. Or two.


Here’s another set of icons for your viewing pleasure. Painstakingly crafted, these beautiful, flat, iOS 7-ready icons are a treat, and they contain some of the most unique designs we’ve ever seen (Daft Punk icons, FTW!). The icons are available at 48 x 48 px in three volumes, each available for $12, or all three together for $30. Seriously, though, at 10¢ per icon for all three volumes, it is a steal. Have a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Littlelu Wallpapers

Japanese artists are traditionally masters at stark, minimalist designs that never compromise on beauty. Their use of simple and elegant brush strokes on textured papers yields some of the most memorable visual poetry on earth. It should come as no surprise, then, that we find this set of wallpapers by Little Lu and Yuchen Liu incredibly appealing. They feature illustrations of cakes (yes), dogs, cats and fish, and fit right in with iOS 7′s minimalist design, including supporting the parallax effect. There are also a couple of icons available, which are also starkly beautiful. If you’ll forgive a bit of poetic license, these wallpapers evoked the feeling of spotting a lush green shoot in the middle of a salt flat.

Prices vary from $3 for each icon, to $10 for a set of three cake-based wallpapers.

What we published this week

- The Side: Pocket Casts 4.5 for Android
- Spend Time on Wikipedia Beautifully with Wikiweb
- Checkmark 2
- Saavn’s iOS 7 Update
- Zippy – Insightful Task Management
- Medium for iPhone

Just over a year ago, we introduced you to a new series of posts here on Beautiful Pixels that we titled ‘The Platter‘. This was our way of sharing all the interesting & must-see design-centric links with our readers. We published our first Platter back in February 2013 and since then, we’ve served 38 Platters so far. We’ve received some tremendous feedback about this series and have continued to make improvements to it.

Starting today, we’ve made some modifications to the format of the Platter. Don’t worry, we’re still sharing some of the best stuff that we come across — we’re only changing the ‘how’. Starting today, you’ll be seeing a lot more ‘other’ design stuff in the Platter. There are numerous talented designers out there who release icon sets, wallpapers, single-purpose websites and these often go unnoticed. Our new Platter will highlight these wonderful projects. Moreover, you’ll also see a summary of what posts we’ve published in the week leading up to the Platter. So here’s a nice collection of assorted links for you to enjoy on a Sunday.

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Filtry Pro

Filtry Pro is a chrome-less photo editing app for iPhone. When you launch the app, it presents you with a slider to choose between clicking a new photo with the camera or picking one from the Camera Roll. Next, it shows you a preview of the photo with the filter applied. You swipe on the photo to change the filters — and there are a lot of them. Once set, you double-tap to view the sharing options. Filtry Pro is available Free on the App Store

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