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The Platter 2.0

In February 2013, we introduced The Platter on Beautiful Pixels. The Platter was our new series wherein we tried to bring you some great apps, websites and other interesting content. Published on Sundays, for 47 weeks, the Platter contained links to stuff that we thought you should know about or check out yourself, but probably wouldn’t have dedicated a full post for them. The feedback we received from our readers was overwhelmingly positive and it was great to see links...


The Platter: 08 June 2014

This is going to be the last Platter we serve for a little while now, as our chef is going on a break in preparation of the launch of the new design of this site. As we get closer to launch, we’ll be restructuring a few of our current ideas and Platter will be back in a new form and structure very soon. Discover.Typography We know that there has been a deluge of typography related posts here, but we just...


The Platter: 18 May 2014

Design Principles: Space And The Figure-Ground Relationship This article by Steven Bradley on Smashing Magazine is a treatise on the importance of the management of negative space, i.e., the part of your design canvas without any UI/UX elements on it. Making a case that consumers will consider negative space to be a part of the overall product as well, the author highlights how crucial it is to think of negative space to be a complement to active UI/UX elements. In...


The Platter: 11 May 2014

How Smartphone UI Should Work Here’s a great post on smartphone UI (in particular, iOS UI), and how to improve it. As anyone with an iPhone can testify, the grid of icons is definitely not the greatest of UIs. It may seem more appealing (to some) than Android’s jagged edges and sharp corners, but it is often lacking when it comes to intuitiveness. Muscle memory aside, remembering where each icon is relative to each other is a bit of a...


The Platter: 4 May 2014

Wild Textures This is great collection of free textures/backgrounds. These are seriously high quality, and we couldn’t believe that they’re free. From Black Llama Coat (because who doesn’t want that silky, black goodness for a background?) to Rose Leather texture, there’s something for the connoisseur in us all. We’d strongly urge you to use the website’s Donate button, if you like their work. Good craft deserves rewarding.


The Platter: 27 April 2014

Typekit desktop fonts now available with free plans Great news for people with Creative Cloud/TypeKit accounts, including those who have the free tiers : Adobe is giving you a selection of over 130 Desktop TypeKit fonts for free. The TypeKit Blog’s post has a couple of samples for you to view, as well as an easy guide on how to get and install these fonts. All you need is the aforementioned Creative Cloud/TypeKit account, free or paid. Head on over there...