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Rollie Brings Stunning Camera Rolls to your iPhone to House Your Photos

Fabulously Retro‘s Daniel Nicolae is back with another stunning, skeuomorphically splendid app for the iPhone. We’ve already taken a look at their previous apps — Meernotes and Meernotes 2, here on Beautiful Pixels and looking at their UI you already have a very good idea of what Rollie will be like. Rollie is an app that offers you an interesting way to house and organize your photos away from the default Photos app on iOS. The Camera Roll on your...


Meernotes 2 — Everything That the Official Moleskin App Should Have Been and More

We’ve previously written about Meernotes little over a year ago and now the latest update brings tons of new functionality and more importantly, more beautiful pixels. Meernotes by Fabulously Retro is another great example of skeuomorphism done right on iOS. This update also brings support for the 4-inch Retina display on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation). Meernotes 2 packs a powerful feature-set in the bundle. The app is full of lovely animations and is mainly gesture driven....

Meernotes's List of Notebooks

Meernotes Brings the Retro to Notetaking

A few days ago, we wrote about Notefile — an app that took a very simple and elegant approach to notes. Today, an email from the developer of Meernotes dropped into our inboxes and I instantly knew it was going to end up on Beautiful Pixels. Unlike most other notes’ apps on the App Store, Meernotes takes a very retro approach to notes. The app features some exceptionally well designed pixels all over. It features a very skeuomorphic UI, but...