Panic’s Pixel Perfection


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7 Responses

  1. W says:

    Yes it was the same when I bought Candybar, just a wonderful company and very creative. Support them as much as you can !

  2. Mark says:

    We are ardent users of Panic’s products. Our biggest challenge is deciding whether or not we want to crack open Coda or Transmit for any given task, they’re both so intuitive and fun to use.
    It’s inspiring to me how something potentially so banal as an FTP app can be made to be so engaging and provide an amazingly rich user experience.

    Thanks for the great write up.

  3. Darwin says:

    Unison sucks. They have not gotten it working right yet even after multiple updates.

  4. Neven says:

    Darwin: what specifically are you having prolems with? Email us and we’ll look into it!

  5. Why is everybody so obsessed about Transmit’s truck? It’s just an icon, goddammit, and not a very beautiful at that. Yes, Panic’s work in general is extremely, eye-bleeding beautiful, and their email templates are works of art, but really… there is nothing special about the icons.

  6. Rick says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I preferred the look of the icon for Transmit 3 vs. Transmit 4.

  7. @Ivan: Agree about the icons. Perhaps that’s why Iconfactory is no Panic. :)

    @Darwin: You really should email their support. Leaving a “Unison sucks” comment on every one of our posts on Panic isn’t going to solve anything.

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