Fantastical 2.4 for Mac

Flexibits today released Fantastical 2.4 for Mac — a major update to the popular calendar app for Mac that brings some much-requested and power-packed features to the app.

Fantastical 2.4 for Mac introduces features like travel time notifications, attachments, ability to combine identical events across multiple calendars, improvements to the month view, and a bunch of other improvements across the board.

This is a free update to existing Fantastical 2 users, and the app is available for $50 on the Mac App Store.


Fantastical 2.8 for iPhone and iPad Introduces Rich Notifications, iMessage Stickers & other Improvements

Flexibits today released Fantastical 2.8, a big update to the popular calendar app for iPhone and iPad. This release, which now requires iOS 10, introduces full support for rich notifications, allowing you to quickly glance into event notifications and reminders in much more detail. This is great when you have addresses set in your [...]

Fantastical 2 for Mac

If you’re a serious calendar user on a Mac or iOS, chances are you’re using already using Fantastical in some form or the other. Flexibits completely changed the way we schedule events or use our calendar and their apps on iPhone, iPad and Mac have been incredibly well received by the audience. Today, the Flexibits duo of Michael Simmons [...]

Fantastical 2.2 for iOS 8

Today my favorite, and what I consider the best Calendar app suite for Mac and iOS, Fantastical, gets a damn good iOS 8 update. Fantastical 2.2 for iPhone and iPad released today with a slew of iOS 8 features. Other calendar apps got nice updates when iOS 8 launched, but Fantastical was unfortunately missing from the action. The app has [...]

At a Glance: Cardhop for Mac

The delicious plate of yumminess you see above is the icon for Cardhop for Mac — a new app from Flexibits. Flexibits, for those unaware, make Fantastical — the calendar productivity powerhouse for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Cardhop for Mac is an app to interact with your contacts. Much like Fantastical, Cardhop offers an input field powered [...]

Fantastical 2 for iPad

Fantastical 2 for iPad Fantastical 2 is a phenomenal and “best in class” calendar app for the iPhone. The developers of Fantastical, Flexibits have just announced Fantastical 2 for iPad, which will soon be landing on the App Store. There’s a lovely teaser website put up for it, so go ahead and check it out.


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