About Beautiful Pixels

The power of many couldn’t be more evident in the world of pixels. While a single pixel means nothing more than its hex value, collectively they put forward something that conveys meaning, and in the right hands can be unnaturally beautiful. Beautiful Pixels is a place where we can collectively admire the works of some of the greatest user interface designs of our time, as no other art is as scientific, restrictively creative, and most of all, utilitarian.

The site is powered by WordPress (with Jetpack, of course!) and uses a custom theme. It runs on DreamPress servers and the fonts are served by Typekit, RSS Feeds are piped through FeedPress and stats are tracked using GoSquared and Mint.

Beautiful Pixels has always believed in beautiful, relevant and clutter-free advertising. Our Ads are powered by Carbon and we also offer a Sponsorship option for advertisers. Both these options help us pay our bills and allow us to keep this site alive. If you’d like to advertise on Beautiful Pixels, we have listed all the details on this page. We use affiliate or referral links where possible.

The Team

Preshit Deorukhkar — Editor-in-Chief [ · · · ]

Preshit is a technology columnist, connoisseur of good visual design and a web services consultant. Apart from being the Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Pixels and Principal of iXyr Media, he also works with Educational Institutes and other small businesses, helping them with their online presence, including their own web properties.

Mikhail Madnani – Managing Editor [ · · ]

Mikhail is an app developer and handheld gaming enthusiast from Mumbai, India. He enjoys listening to music on vinyl, playing indie games and Japanese role playing games.

Rajat Sharma – Contributor [ · ]

Rajat is a Marketing and Corporate Communications Professional from New Delhi. When he isn’t pounding out press releases, he Tweets, plays Diablo III and eats prodigiously, in that order.


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