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‘RememBear’ is a New Password Manager from the TunnelBear Team

There’s only a couple of VPN services I’ve used extensively in the past. The one I’ve used the most was Cloak — which recently got acquired by StackPath and is now known as, and TunnelBear — which is what I’m currently using. The latter is what I’ve been using for a year now, largely since it offers a node right here in India. The service has been great and I’ve had no complaints whatsoever. Today, the team behind TunnelBear...

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Storm It for Tweetstorms on Twitter

Storm It 2.0 for Android

A little over a year ago, we wrote about Storm It — a simple and clever Android app that allows you to post “tweetstorms” on Twitter. With Storm it, you simply go on typing your thoughts or ideas without worrying about how much characters you’ve used. The app will automatically split your block of text into tweets, prepend the “/” format to it and send out your Tweets. It works… dare I say… automagically. A handy preview option shows you...

Recall Simple Reminders App for Android

Recall — Create Simple Reminders in Seconds

Recall is a really beautiful Android app for creating simple reminders. Created by Felix Jamestin, it does a fantastic job of letting you create reminders in mere seconds and doesn’t bother you with unnecessary options or settings. Recall presents you with a simple text field to describe what you want to be reminded about, and optionally, when. You can quickly type something and hit the ‘Save item’ button and your reminder is added to the list. Just below the text...

Droplr for Android

Droplr Releases its Official App for Android

Droplr has been my favorite ‘quick-sharing’ service for a long time now. The Droplr app has been an integral part of my menubar for a little over 7 years now and it has worked as a fantastic tool to share not just screenshots and URLs, but also photos, videos, clipboard contents, and many more formats. Droplr generates a short, unique URL for anything you upload, allowing you to share them with anyone. The service was completely revamped in 2015 and...

Day One Journal Apps

Day One Journal Shifts to a Subscription Model for ‘Premium’ Features

Day One — the popular journaling app for iOS and Mac has today announced that it will be transitioning to a subscription-based service going forward, in order to have a more stable business model for the company. This week, Day One is introducing the Day One Premium service that will cost $50 per year and will let you create more than 10 journals and give you access to additional features that the company will add to the service in the...