Nice Weather

Nice Weather

Usually, whenever I want to check the weather on my Android phone, I simply look at the Weather Widget I have on my home screen. While this is good enough for the current weather conditions, it is a bit difficult to check how the weather will be in the near future. There are a plethora of weather apps on Google Play that offer a solution, but Nice Weather has one of the simplest and slickest interfaces I have seen yet.

Nice Weather has a very clean look to it, dominated by a solid colour, which varies depending on the weather conditions at the time. This implementation reminds me a lot of Solar, an exquisitely designed weather app for iPhone. Hot weather is represented by a deep, fiery crimson while slightly cooler, cloudier conditions are represented by a more neutral grey, and so on. It really is quite beautiful to look at.

The nicest features of the app are present at the bottom of the screen – A linear graph of the temperature at different times of the day, as well as a separate graph for how much precipitation is expected. This graph can be navigated in three hour intervals by means of a slider. As you move this slider, the values for temperature, wind velocity and amount of precipitation change with it, as does the colour, depending of course on what the weather is like at the time you've selected. If you swipe from right to left, the graphs make a smooth and continuous transition on to the next day. Weather data is available for the next five days. Once loaded, this data is also available offline, which is very neat.

There are no settings to speak of. The only changes you can make to the app are in the units of the temperature, wind velocity and amount of precipitation (accessible by tapping on the relevant portion of the screen) and the city itself. The app uses your phone's Location Services to determine your current city, and tapping on the name brings up a map where you can enter other cities as well.

I do wish the app could store the weather conditions for multiple cities at once, but at the moment, only one city's data is available for viewing. There is also no widget that comes with the app. Both of these features are, however, coming soon with a Pro Version of the app, as well as access to further Settings. I am curious to see how the slider mechanism will be implemented in a widget, if at all.

Nice Weather is a really beautiful and simple way of keeping up with the weather, and considering that it is free on the Play Store, there really is no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. Nice Weather has found a place on my very busy home screen, despite the weather widget I have installed.

[H/t Rishi. Masthead via PlaceIt.]

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