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Nuzzel Adds a Pro Subscription to the iOS App

Things 3

Things 3: The Return of the Delightful To-Do App from Cultured Code

If my memory serves me correctly, Cultured Code’s Things was one of the first 3rd-party apps I’d spent serious money on. I first came across the app when Shawn Blanc — my favorite source of app recommendations back then — wrote this extensive review of Things on his blog. I was new to the whole “GTD” concept, but there was something very peculiar and attractive about how Things looked and worked. I was instantly hooked. And so were several others,...

Twitterrific for iOS Offers Alternative App Icons

Overcast 3.1

Overcast 3.1 Introduces a Standalone Apple Watch Playback Feature

Overcast — the popular podcast app by Marco Arment was updated to version 3.1 this week, which introduces two interesting features to the app — Standalone Apple Watch Playback and also a Custom Dark Icon for Premium Subscribers. Standalone Apple Watch Playback This feature lets users load podcast episodes (pods?) directly onto their Apple Watch. You need to have the Overcast app installed on your watch, after which you’ll see a new ‘Send to Watch’ option upon tapping the ⁺≡...

Elk Currency Convertor for Apple Watch

Elk — A Fabulously Fast Currency Convertor

Elk is a fabulous new currency convertor app from the house of Clean Shaven Apps, known for their apps like Dispatch, Clips and Alive. Built with travelers in mind, Elk is designed for super fast and super simple currency conversions. The app works great on the iPhone, but where it really shines is on the Apple Watch. Elk does away with manual keyboard entries completely, instead relying on swipe, scroll and tap gestures. On iPhone, you see a simple table...


Spendee — Frictionless Expense Tracking

It’s raining financial apps here on Beautiful Pixels! We recently covered the impressively comprehensive Finances 2, which makes your personal bookkeeping remarkably easy. Our only regret was that the app wouldn’t be useful to someone who just wants to track daily expenses, instead of having to worry about the difference between single and double-entry bookkeping. Well, worry no more, dear readers – Spendee, an excellent expense tracking app, has you covered. As Preshit already stated in his review, Spendee’s USP...