Get Moving for iPhone

Since the introduction of the iPhone 5s, we’ve seen several fitness related apps appear on the App Store. Most of these apps use the iPhone 5s’ M7 motion coprocessor to track your steps. Get Moving is an app that not only tracks your steps (using the M7 motion coprocessor) but also your inactivity. The app uses some beautiful colours and [...]

Poptile for iOS

Poptile is an extremely fun tile breaking game for iPhone and iPad. The game has been developed by indie studio 1Button, the fine folks behind Task. I’m a big fan of the colours, style and animations used in Poptile. The game is easy at first but gets tricky as your score increases. This makes the game entertaining and challenging [...]


I’ve been listening to podcasts for a little over 2 years now and I’ve jumped between quite a few apps recently. After iOS 7 released, I settled on Pocket Casts as my podcast client of choice but recently, I switched over to Castro. I made the switch because I loved Castro’s animations and the app icon. I also realised [...]

Fjuul — Fitness Tracker

Fjuul (pronounced ‘Fuel’) is a fitness tracker for iPhone. Unlike other fitness trackers that track just your movement, Fjuul also tracks the intensity of your movement (the metric Fjuul Points). This activity can be anything including walking, running, dancing, going to the supermarket, etc. The app has quite a refreshing [...]

My Finances

There’s no shortage of finance management apps on the App Store and every app has its own way of dealing with your data. Unfortunately, the way each of us deals with our finances is different; so it might take a while to get that perfect fit. My Finances is a Universal finance management app by Matthias Hochgatterer that aims to [...]


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Screeny 2.0 Goes Beyond Screenshots, Lets You Delete Unwanted (Live) Photos & Videos