Clever Routines

When it comes to productivity, I’m not a fan of consolidating different tasks into single apps. If you want to keep a track of what you need to do, use a to-do list app like Tick. If you want to track your achievements, use an app like Datalove. And if you want to form better habits, then Clever Routines is the way to go. Routines and [...]


If ever you wanted to see how great art can make you fall in love with an old concept, grab Kami from the App Store. This game is really all about the execution of a tried-and-tested style of gameplay. You’ve probably played Flood-It! or one of its knock-offs — games where you have to turn a grid of squares into one colour in a set [...]


The App Store is full of to-do list apps and we’ve featured quite a few of them here on Beautiful Pixels, such as the recent Tick. But to-do lists don’t always work. As Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich says, it can be healthier and more productive to maintain a ‘done list’ that keeps track of your achievements rather [...]


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