The Dialogue: Greg Kasavin

After the fantastic entry we had for The Dialogue in December with Matias Duarte, we are back with 2016’s first entry: Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games. For the uninitiated, Supergiant is behind some of our favorite games, including Transistor. We got to talk to Greg about his thoughts on design, the games industry, and [...]

The Dialogue: Matías Duarte

When we started The Dialogue a while ago, I had a few people in mind that I absolutely wanted to interview. Matías Duarte is one of them. I’ve really enjoyed where Google Design has been heading recently and I’m glad I got to talk to Matías about design and his favorite apps among other things over this past week. Tell me a [...]

The Dialogue: James Thomson

For this edition of The Dialogue, we had the pleasure of talking to James Thomson. James is an indie developer of iOS and Mac software, living in Glasgow, Scotland. He founded TLA Systems with his wife nearly 20 years ago, and now works full time writing software. You probably know him from PCalc — a scientific calculator that is [...]

The Dialogue: Michael Simmons

The Dialogue is something we started almost two years, but unfortunately have been very inconsistent with it. This changes today. We’re relaunching ‘The Dialogue’ with a new long form feature, a first of many lined up for this year on Beautiful Pixels. We spoke to Michael Simmons of Flexibits at length about calendar apps, Apple as a [...]

The Dialogue: Russell Ivanovic

Today on The Dialogue, we have Russell Ivanovic from Shifty Jelly. Our goal behind The Dialogue has been to not limit the interviews to just designers and so this time, we thought we’d change things a little bit. Russell is the face of Shifty Jelly, developers of apps like Pocket Casts & Pocket Weather Australia. We love their apps [...]

The Dialogue: Marc Edwards

We’re back with another one of our Dialogues. Today, we’re speaking to Marc Edwards from Bjango, who was kind enough to do this interview with me in the midst of building a new house, moving and working on Skala. I’ve respected him from the first blog post I read, and following him on this past year has only made that [...]


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