The iPad GUI PSD is good to go! [Update: Or not?]

The iPad GUI PSD is good to go! [Update: Or not?]

The Teehan+lax team is back, this time bringing us a fancy iPad GUI PSD. The document contains a full sized iPad hardware unit (with the display area of 768×1024) along with assorted controls created from vectors.

If you ever think you’ll need to create a mockup of your perfect iPad app, this is the file to get. I know I’ll be cropping out the iPad hardware unit, using it for screenshots to adorn my writeups.

Neven Mgran warns against:

I’m linking to this attempt at recreating the iPad UI as a warning, since you may see it linked other places; the warning is, don’t use this for any sort of production work. It was a lot of work for Teehan and Lax to put this together, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it was sloppy work.

Bevel and Emboss used for shadows. Objects not snapped to grid. Incorrect elements (the all-white selected icon in the tab bar). Plain made-up elements (the wide search bar).

He is, after all, someone who knows his work.