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The Highlight — Editor’s Choice of 2013

The last feature in ‘The Highlight‘ series here on Beautiful Pixels is our compilation for the Editor’s Choice of apps from 2013. Similar to last year, we’ve picked what we think are the best of the bests on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android & Games. This year, we’ve also included some of the best app Promo Videos that caught our eye. We hope you like them.

The Highlight — UI Animations

Last year, as part of our ‘Best of 2012‘ feature series, we published our picks for the best UI Animations in apps for 2012. The response to that post was terrific and we loved the feedback that we received with it. A lot of you shared it with your friends and colleagues and quite a few of you wrote in to us. This year too, we’ve selected some fantastic apps in our list of The Highlight — UI Animations. Note:...

The Highlight — Design Tools

So far, as part of our ‘The Highlight‘ feature at the end of 2013, we’ve brought you our picks for ‘iOS 7 Redesigns‘ and these awesome ‘Website Designs‘. So on this third day of the Highlight, we’ve put together our favourite design tools that will help you take your ideas and designs to a whole other level. These tools include professional software, companion apps and in one case an iPad app that we think will help you get your job...

The Highlight — Website Designs

Over the last few years, we’ve covered quite a few websites that push web design to a whole other level. 2013 has had some amazing stuff done on the web. Even something as simple as a gift guide can be displayed to the reader in such an amazing way. The sites below truly showcase what the web is capable of in terms of elegance, beauty and an eye for stunning design.

The Highlight — iOS 7 Redesigns

At the end of 2012, we carried a series of posts here on Beautiful Pixels that we called our ‘Best of 2012‘. We handpicked some of the best examples of UI Designs, Interactions and Animations that we saw in 2012 and presented them to you. 2013 has been no different. In the last 12 months, not only did we see the release of iOS 7 and Google continuing to improve Android in the areas of design and UX, but we...