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Nerd Lingo iMessage Stickers

Nerd Lingo iMessage Sticker Pack

Ever since Apple shipped iOS 10 last September, and along with it the ability to add stickers to your iMessage conversations, we’ve seen all kinds of sticker packs debut on the iMessage Store. We’ve already told you about our favorite sticker packs for iOS 10 and we’ve also written about some beautiful stickers packs that have debuted recently, like the Design Feedback Sticker Pack and the lovely sticker pack that ships with Fantastical for iOS. Today, we’re featuring a sticker...

Design Feedback

Design Feedback iMessage Sticker Pack

Getting critical feedback is an integral part of any design process. It always helps getting a different view about your work, and it goes a long way in improving the next iteration. If you’re a designer or part of a design team, then there’s a long list of phrases that you typically keep on using while communicating with your team members. The folks at NFN Labs have put together this lovely sticker part titled ‘Design Feedback‘ for this very thing....

Google Maps for iOS Adds a Today Widget for Navigation & an iMessage App

Fantastical Stickers

Fantastical 2.8 for iPhone and iPad Introduces Rich Notifications, iMessage Stickers & other Improvements

Flexibits today released Fantastical 2.8, a big update to the popular calendar app for iPhone and iPad. This release, which now requires iOS 10, introduces full support for rich notifications, allowing you to quickly glance into event notifications and reminders in much more detail. This is great when you have addresses set in your events, as you can pull down on the notification and get a map preview of the location without the need to open the app. Fantastical 2.8...

LookUp Dictionary App

LookUp — The Elegant Dictionary App Comes to the iPad

LookUp has long been our favorite dictionary app for iPhone. We first wrote about it back in 2014 and since then, it has continued to evolve into a mature dictionary app with an exceptionally crafted UI as well as a fantastic feature set. The release of LookUp 3.0 back in September brought along a lovely visual refresh of the main screen along with an iMessage app. Today, LookUp 3.2 is out on the App Store and here’s what’s new in...

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a Beautiful Notes App Alternative

Note taking apps today are dime a dozen. They range from super simple text-only apps (including the fantastic Simplenote app) to visually complex ones like Evernote (thankfully, not any more). Zoho Notebook is a remarkably delightful notes app from the house of Zoho, known for its business-focused cloud-based suite of apps. It offers a distinguished set of features, while retaining a pleasant UX for its users. Zoho Notebook takes a very visual approach to your notes and it reminds me...