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Koins Currency Converter

Koins — A Currency Converter Designed for One-Handed Use

Koins is a new currency converter app for iPhone and iPad by Appatakkars that’s designd for one-handed use. The Appatakkars are known for their gorgeous iPhone apps like Lumy, Cleanz, and Blurz. Just like these apps, Koinz Koins looks stunning, especially on the new OLED display on the iPhone X. Koins looks and works largely like a typical currency converter app on iOS. You’ve got the to/from currencies at the top and a numeric keypad at the bottom. You can...

Things 3 Introduces a ‘Mail to Things’ Feature

This month marks roughly seven months since the release of Things 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac — a major update that introduced a completely rebuilt suite of apps featuring an all-new design language, a highly polished UX and an incredible set of features that managed to win us over in our review. Cultured Code had been heavily criticized for their slow updates leading up the release of Things 3, but over the last 6 months, the team behind the...


At a Glance: New App Icon for Tumblr

Tumblr has updated its iOS app with a slightly tweaked app icon. Version 9.8 introduces a new icon with a slightly tweaked color of the background. About these At a Glance posts: ‘At a Glance’ is a new type of post we’re introducing on Beautiful Pixels. These will usually be short posts with little to no text content, and will feature a quick look at something new we’ve spotted that we think our readers will enjoy.

Uber Eats App Icon

At a Glance: New App Icon for Uber Eats

As it celebrates its 2nd birthday, Uber Eats has unveiled an overhauled branding and a new app icon for its app. Version 1.113.10001 (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?) introduces a new app icon that gets rid of the old fork on a silver platter icon and introduces their new logo and branding instead. There’s also an all-new splash screen. Do you like the new Uber Eats branding? About these At a Glance posts: ‘At a Glance’ is a new type...

Very Veggie Recipes App by Filibaba

Very Veggie — Delicious Vegetarian Recipes App by Filibaba

Filibaba has been serving some delicious pixels for several years now. We adore and have already written about their apps like Veggie Meals, Filibaba Meals, Filibaba Smoothies, Filibaba Egg Timer and Vegourmet. Today, the team is releasing another gorgeous app serving delicious vegetarian recipes called Very Veggie. The Very Veggie app is based on the ‘Mera Vego‘ bestselling Swedish cookbooks and brings you all kinds of yummy recipes. About half of the recipes in this app are lacto-ovo-vegatarian, meaning they...

Paper by FiftyThree New App Icon

At a Glance: Paper by FiftyThree’s New App Icon

Paper by FiftyThree was one of my favorite iPad apps back in the day. It offered a lovely way to sketch, scribble or note down your ideas or thoughts, just like you would pen something down on a piece of paper or a diary. It was wonderfully executed and using it was a lot of fun. Today, the app has received a major update that brings along, amongst other things, a brand new App Icon. The new icon is way...