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Automattic Updates Simplenote for iOS with Spotlight Integration and Interface Tweaks

Squarespace — The Simplest Way to Build a Beautiful Website [Sponsor]

Over the last decade, Squarespace has pioneered itself as a service that lets anyone build beautiful websites. Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur or a business, Squarespace offers easy to use tools that help anyone build a website exactly the way the want. Squarespace is home to all kinds of websites — bloggers, musicians, restaurants, SMEs, app developers, etc. use Squarespace‘s platform to get that perfect website. Creative Design Tools Using the design tools available on the Squarespace platform,...

iStat 3 for iOS and Mac Ships with a whole lot of Improvements

The last time we spoke about iStat was back in 2012 when Bjango had just shipped iStat 2, a major update to the remote server monitoring and stats app. It was a fantastic update that introduced a plethora of new features to the app and the fresh coat of paint it had received looked stunning on your screens. I wrote: It’s evident that a ridiculous amount of work has gone into the making of this release by spending just a...

Netflix Enables Offline Viewing

Letterpress 3.0 Introduces Chat, Statistics, Leaderboards and more

Origami – App Prototyping for the 21st Century

A single year of software testing taught me one simple fact – Engineers are from Xcode and Designers are from Photoshop. They speak completely different languages, most of the time. When they do manage to collaborate, they are both used to such different tools, that a well designed app or service actually ends up, almost always, as a compromise release – with both sides having a say, but neither side getting EXACTLY what it wants. Enter Origami, an amazing, opensource...