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Finances 2

Finances 2 — Beautifully Detailed Bookkeeping App for iOS and Mac

The financial world is complicated, and no one knows this better than someone who’s worked in the field, without the benefit (and, if I’m to be honest, the proclivity) for Finance. The sheer number of terms floating out there is enough to make even the most hardened of linguists struggle, not to mention remembering subtle differences, such as the one between ‘Gross’ and ‘Net’. It is inarguable, however, that getting a handle on one’s personal finances is no longer a...

nvNotes — The Lovely Note Taking App for iOS

Mozilla Has Acquired Pocket

Mimo — Codified Fun

The popularity of the smartphone has taught us one thing — Apps are the way of the future. The web will always be around, but the most future-proof interaction paradigm for today’s users is a smartphone app, backed by a solid web-based back end. The jobs of the future, for instance, will increasingly tend to this philosophy. People, however, don’t need to learn to code only to earn a livelihood, however. There are always the people who have a niche...


Canva — Design for the Internet Age

One of the banes of my existence is my complete lack of ability with design. Sure, I can appreciate good design just as well as anyone else, but actually coming up with something for myself is an exercise in futility. I can think of no better example to illustrate this than my fashion sense — Send me in to a clothing shop by myself, and I’ll walk out with two things depending on the occasion – checked shirts and jeans...


SpellTower 4.0 — The Beautifully Addictive Game Makes a Comeback

SpellTower is the beautifully addictive word game that bowled us over back in 2012. It made quite a mark for itself back then, gaining praise from everywhere and even made it to our Editor’s Choice of 2012 list. After a gap of over 4 years, SpellTower has resurfaced on the App Store today with a huge update that brings a host of improvements to the app. The app was last updated in September 2012 to fix the previous, rather disastrous...