Beatwave 2.0

Beatwave 2.0

I’m a bit of a music buff. The recent increase in number of streaming music services has been an absolute Godsend for me, with new music becoming easier to discover than it ever has been. Still, I’ll admit there are times when I wish I could have a specific type of music playing, and I can never seem to find it. I’ve never thought I would be even partially capable of making music myself. I’m still incapable, but quite a bit less so, thanks to Beatwave 2.

Beatwave is a fantastic new Universal app on the App Store, which is here to help each of us discover our inner Mozart, or at least, to retrain our inner Ross. The app is beautifully designed, quite reminiscent of apps like Tap Tap Revenge (sadly, no longer available on the App Store). It’s main view is split in two, with your beat pattern on the left, and tools on the right. This means that both tone-deaf people like me as well as proper music experts can use it equally easily. You can include one instrument or multiple instruments, adjust the tone, tempo, volume, and many other parameters for each. Add multiple layers to take your music making experience even further. There’s even a recorder that allows you to record your masterpiece and play it back for your adoring dog (in my case, anyway). A collection of some of the music created in the app is available on the website, and I have to say, I was blown away.

There are plenty of tools available in the app, but you can expand on your experience by purchasing features such as a ringtone creator and instrument packs, or you could pay $9.99 and just go the whole hog and upgrade to Beatwave Pro, which not only scores you all current features, but any future updates as well. While it is a universal app, I enjoyed playing with it on the iPad the most. The increased screen real estate makes fine tuning and tweaking the settings that much easier.

If you’re a serious music enthusiast, and are looking at creating your own tunes without having to go to to learn how to do so, check out Beatwave today. Heck, check it out anyway. Chances are, you’ll have a brilliant time. And so might your dog.

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