Clear for iOS 8

Clear by Realmac Software is easily one of the best apps out there right now. It is simple and beautiful. I love everything about it. Version 1.4 brought support for due times and dates and as expected, the sync across devices was flawless. Clear as a productivity suite, is easily one of the most elegant solutions to managing tasks.

Today Clear 1.5 is out and it brings a Notification Center widget for your upcoming tasks. A lot of apps have been updated with support for widgets and while most of them look great, Clear manages to fit perfectly in your Today view as if it was always a part of the OS. When there are no upcoming tasks, the widget displays an inspirational quote. I love the implementation. Clear 1.5 is a free update to existing owners and is available on the App Store for $2.99 as a universal app. Clear is also available on the Mac for $9.99.

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