das Referenz — Wikipedia on your iPad

das Referenz is the newest app by the folks at Raurief, who have previously released apps beautiful apps like Partly Cloudy and Scantastic. After winning us over with an impressive weather app and a stunning PDF scanning app, Raurief has now released an iPad app for browsing Wikipedia. das Referenz is an absolutely elegant Wikipedia app for iPad that vastly improves the experience of reading the abundance of content on it.

das Referenz puts a heavy focus on Typography with the use of two type families that look incredible on the iPad screen. Unlike Wikipedia’s native cluttered layout, the app lays out the content cleanly, with the images on the left and the text on the right. If you love spending your time browsing through pages and pages of content on Wikipedia, das Referenz is a godsend. Navigating through the app is fun and easy. You can also pin the pages you want on the left for easy access later.

If you have an iPad, go ahead and grab das Referenz Free from the App Store. We highly recommend it.

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