Filibaba Smoothies Helps You Whip Up Delicious, Nutritious Drinks

Filibaba Smoothies Helps You Whip Up Delicious, Nutritious Drinks

A Smoothie (or smoothy) is a typically sweet, and usually delicious drink that you may have come across. If not, Filibaba’s Smoothies will tell you everything about delicious & nutritional smoothie glasses. Filibaba Smoothies is from the pixel pushers at Filibaba, known for their other delicious app available in the iOS App Store — Filibaba Meals.

Out of the many smoothie recipe apps available, this one stands out with a design that’s as delightful as the beverage itself. The main screen has a playful green color background and a biege coloured linen texture for the recipe pages. The choice of font for the title bar (called Blocksta) is a great touch as well, adding to the uniqueness of the design. Different types of smoothies are laid out in rows containing four recipes each. At the moment, there are 21 varieties available and we guess more will be added. Clicking on a recipe opens up the page with a beautifully shot photo of the end product, along with ingredients jotted down on what looks like a piece of paper torn out of a Steno notebook. You can move back-and-forth between recipes by using the up-down arrows to the top-right. The recipes themselves aren’t too long, so they won’t be intimidating to first-time the smoothie maker. To put them more at ease, you also have a analog wall clock symbol which indicates the time required to prepare the recipe. With most of the smoothie preparations that we saw, almost all of them take about 10 minutes to make. Easy peasy!

There’s a leaf symbol next to the clock indicating whether the opened recipe is a Vegan preparation — i.e. made completely from plants with no use of animal milk. The next symbol to talk about is a cute egg-timer, that might enrage the anti-digital-skeuomorphic. It makes a familiar clicking sound as you set it by swiping across the dial. After hitting the ‘Start’ button, it has a digital countdown and you can even see the analog dial rotating backwards to zero. To tingle your aural senses, there’s also a ticking sound just like the real thing. You can tap anywhere else on the screen to continue using the app. Even if you’re out of the app, a notification is delivered after the set time is clocked. While the egg timer adds a nice touch, the only ironic thing is its presence in this particular app, because most of the recipes we read through didn’t require us to use a timer. This feature is also available in their Filibaba Meals app, where it could be put to actual use.

Lastly, there’s the now-ubiquitous ‘Share’ button that does a cute licking lips animation before opening up the menu. You can share the recipe over Facebook, Twitter, Email or iMessage. The URL opens up the recipe page on the Filibaba website, so people not using iDevices can also read them. The Settings menu lets you choose measurements in ‘Metric’ or ‘US’ and has a household analog toggle button that makes an all-too-familiar sound when you click. Finally, since the App is made in Sweden, you can choose the language between English and Swedish.

Filibaba Smoothies is a wonderful app to have on your iPad, and you can freely download it from the App Store. It teaches us that a Smoothie is not only a delicious beverage, but due to its nutritious ingredients, can help give our body the nourishment it needs. You can have it to cool off during the summer, or even as part of your post-workout breakfast.

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