Over 3

Back in March 2013, when we first wrote about Over, the app did a spectacular job of letting you add crisp typography to your photos or images and create art with ease. You could use the app to post your creative work to social networks or even create clever party invites with your own photos instead of generic templates. Over offered a fabulous way to work with a simple image and transform it into something really beautiful using great typography. A year later, Over landed on Android and managed to leave us impressed. It’s 2015 now and the team behind Over has released Over 3 on the App Store, a mammoth release that introduces a plethora of new features into the app that take it from being an app that just lets you add text to images, to an app that lets you create spectacular pieces of art with a wide variety of tools. Over 3 just changed the game altogether.

Over 3 brings along a revamped user interface for you to create your images. Thanks to this new UI, you can now focus on your content without the tools and options blocking your view. The app now lets you purchase and enable Add-Ons to get more creative, and also organize them in the order that you want. You can reorder the tools with the most frequently used at the beginning and even turn off the ones you don’t use at all. The palette button at the bottom lets you choose an Add-On, image, text, artwork or even lets you search for images off the internet. Everything you add on top of the source images gets added as layers, so you can make edits to them easily or get rid of them if you want. This release also includes the ability to add drop shadows and a way to crop your image as per dimensions used by various social networks.

There are a lot of lovely changes that Over 3 has brought along and all of them have definitely made Over into a really solid app for your iOS device and is easily one of the most delightful apps I have come across in recent times. Over 3 is available for $3.99 on the App Store with some IAPs for extra Add-Ons. This is a Free Update to existing Over users and we highly urge you to check it out.

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