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Canva — Design for the Internet Age

One of the banes of my existence is my complete lack of ability with design. Sure, I can appreciate good design just as well as anyone else, but actually coming up with something for myself is an exercise in futility. I can think of no better example to illustrate this than my fashion sense — Send me in to a clothing shop by myself, and I’ll walk out with two things depending on the occasion – checked shirts and jeans...


SpellTower 4.0 — The Beautifully Addictive Game Makes a Comeback

SpellTower is the beautifully addictive word game that bowled us over back in 2012. It made quite a mark for itself back then, gaining praise from everywhere and even made it to our Editor’s Choice of 2012 list. After a gap of over 4 years, SpellTower has resurfaced on the App Store today with a huge update that brings a host of improvements to the app. The app was last updated in September 2012 to fix the previous, rather disastrous...

Fiery Feeds Adds Full Support for BazQux & Wallabag

Fantastical Stickers

Fantastical 2.8 for iPhone and iPad Introduces Rich Notifications, iMessage Stickers & other Improvements

Flexibits today released Fantastical 2.8, a big update to the popular calendar app for iPhone and iPad. This release, which now requires iOS 10, introduces full support for rich notifications, allowing you to quickly glance into event notifications and reminders in much more detail. This is great when you have addresses set in your events, as you can pull down on the notification and get a map preview of the location without the need to open the app. Fantastical 2.8...

LookUp Dictionary App

LookUp — The Elegant Dictionary App Comes to the iPad

LookUp has long been our favorite dictionary app for iPhone. We first wrote about it back in 2014 and since then, it has continued to evolve into a mature dictionary app with an exceptionally crafted UI as well as a fantastic feature set. The release of LookUp 3.0 back in September brought along a lovely visual refresh of the main screen along with an iMessage app. Today, LookUp 3.2 is out on the App Store and here’s what’s new in...


Zip—Zap: “Bring the Clumsy Mechanical Beings Home”

I’m not much of a mobile gamer. I enjoy playing games just as much as the next nerd, but the need to use a touch-based interface isn’t particularly appealing. I’m used to the freedom afforded by a keyboard and mouse, or a controller. Every once in a while, however, a game comes along that fills a niche for me that I didn’t know even existed — quick, fun gameplay that would help pass the time that I spend on a...