Quotebook 3 for iOS

Quotebook 3 for iOS

Although I haven’t posted on Homescreen.me lately, it has always been a nice place to discover new apps and see what others are using. I bought Quotebook by Lickability a long time ago and actually used it quite a bit until the release of iOS 7. Quotebook is a simple and elegant app to collect quotes. There are a number of use cases for it, even in professional environments.

Yesterday, the folks at Lickability released Quotebook 3, which is quite an update. The app has been redesigned from the ground up to look great on modern iOS devices. It may look simple but the things it does behind the scenes really give it that polish you see in not too many apps. The main app view allows you to browse quotes, authors, sources, tags, and view a random quote that can be added to your library with a single tap. The app also pulls information from Wikipedia for author bios and sources. The workflow to add a quote is very straightforward. Tap the + on the top right and fill in various fields related to the quote like author, source, tags and rating. Quotebook will offer suggestions as you type into the author, source, and tag fields from your music library, contacts or previously used tags. Tapping the source and author field glyphs will let you add photos as well. Quotebook uses iCloud for syncing quotes across iOS devices. Version 3 brings support for clipboard quote detection and x-callback-url support to make the process as seamless as possible. You can also share quotes to Tumblr, Tweetbot and Day One from within Quotebook.

Quotebook 3 is an excellent app. I can’t believe the update is free because of how much has been added, let alone the brand new interface and the fact that it is universal. Quotebook is available on the App Store for $4.99 and is a free update for existing owners.

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