There’s always this one thing on restaurant menus that has an item you’ve never heard of in it. You end up asking the waiter or someone you are with about said item. In many cases, the pronunciation is unique. Ramps app aims to fix all of this for you. It is a simple app that tells you a little bit about obscure foods in a nice visual manner.

The app has the foods listed either in grid format or thumbnail format, with each item getting its own drawn image. The illustrations are really nice and overall the app does its job really well. Tapping on an item takes you to a detailed page which will look different depending on the item colour. This is a really nice touch. The detail views have a larger illustration in the middle with three buttons at the bottom. The info button opens up the Wikipedia entry for the item inside the app. The camera icon brings up google images for the item and tapping the chef’s hat takes you to an Epicurious search for the item in question.

Ramps app is really useful and nicely designed for the most part. There are some pages that could use better contrast and the database needs to be updated with a lot more items. For a 1.0, this is really good. Ramps is available on the App Store as a Universal app for just $0.99.

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