Screens. Sexy VNC for the first time.

Screens. Sexy VNC for the first time.

When the subject of VNC comes to my mind the first app I always think of is JollyFastVNC for Mac and how nerdy all this stuff is. Most of the time, the second thought coming to mind contains the phrase: “And the design of these apps suck as well.” But now this suffering has ended with the app Screens by edovia.

Screens is a great example of how good design can make a complex process easy to understand. Instead of pursuing a standard list for registered clients, Screens shows you a giant screen that includes a screenshot of that desktop the last time you viewed it. Recognition is so instant, that you don’t need to look at the name tag underneath. And since most users will not have more than three VNC clients set up, navigation is not an issue (get something else if you plan on administering more than 20 clients). And that’s just the startscreen.

So, if you still don’t own any VNC client for your mobile Apple device (iPad and/or iPhone), this is the time to get one. It’s a (high for the App Store, but reasonable for its class) introductory price of $14.99 on the App Store.

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