The Side: Launch Center Pro for iPad

The Side: Launch Center Pro for iPad

Launch Center Pro for iPad

Having used Launch Center Pro (henceforth LCP) for iPhone everyday since it released, I even had it installed on my iPad because the scheduled app and app action launches were great. Fast forward to now and Contrast has finally released Launch Center Pro for iPad as a separate app. I’ve seen them get requests for a dedicated iPad app for a long time and I’m glad they chose to release a separate app. It even got featured by Apple as Editor’s Choice for iPad.

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When I pictured how the app would look on iPad, I imagined something that you could control with both thumbs on the sides just as I hold the iPad during use. LCP for iPad is a blown up iPhone app with iPad UI elements. Since LCP has Dropbox sync, I got my actions (well at least my top 4 rows out of 5 actions) when I restored it to LCP for iPad. I spent a bit of time tweaking the position of groups and actions keeping groups and actions I used most on the left and right extreme sides with the middle either empty or with actions that I don’t normally need often. With this, I can now slide one tile up and down from a group holding the iPad with both hands and still launch actions easily. You will need to find your own sweet spot for your iPad setup because it isn’t something you can use with one hand like LCP for iPhone.

Launch Center Pro for iPad is available at 40% off on the App Store for $4.99 right now.

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