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Overcast 3.1

Overcast 3.1 Introduces a Standalone Apple Watch Playback Feature

Overcast — the popular podcast app by Marco Arment was updated to version 3.1 this week, which introduces two interesting features to the app — Standalone Apple Watch Playback and also a Custom Dark Icon for Premium Subscribers. Standalone Apple Watch Playback This feature lets users load podcast episodes (pods?) directly onto their Apple Watch. You need to have the Overcast app installed on your watch, after which you’ll see a new ‘Send to Watch’ option upon tapping the ⁺≡...

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft Unveils ‘Microsoft To-Do’, the Successor to Wunderlist

Back in 2015, Wunderlist — one of the popular productivity apps that offered apps across the major platforms, announced that the team was joining Microsoft. The Berlin-based team continued building the app over the last couple of years, adding features and integrations to the app. Today, Microsoft has unveiled ‘Microsoft To-Do’ — a new app from the house of Microsoft and the logical successor to Wunderlist. Poised as an “intelligent task management app”, Microsoft To-Do is a completely new app...

Google Maps for iOS Adds a Today Widget for Navigation & an iMessage App

Elk Currency Convertor for Apple Watch

Elk — A Fabulously Fast Currency Convertor

Elk is a fabulous new currency convertor app from the house of Clean Shaven Apps, known for their apps like Dispatch, Clips and Alive. Built with travelers in mind, Elk is designed for super fast and super simple currency conversions. The app works great on the iPhone, but where it really shines is on the Apple Watch. Elk does away with manual keyboard entries completely, instead relying on swipe, scroll and tap gestures. On iPhone, you see a simple table...


WeDo — Social Task Management

Task Management apps are tough to review, because they’re the kind of apps where design takes second place to actual functionality. You could have a wonderfully designed app, with smooth graphics, slick animations and a beautiful layout, but if it doesn’t remind you to pick up breakfast cereal on your way home from work (I’m looking at you, Things), it just won’t cut it. Still, apps that blend the best of design and performance are rare enough that they rate...

Anchor FM

Anchor – Who wants to be an RJ?

When Preshit first asked me to check Anchor out, I was rather surprised. I had no idea what I would use it for. I’m completely at ease listening to online radio (in fact, I do it a wee bit too often. Groove Salad, FTW), but actually RJ’ing, even if it is for short, two minute bursts? No way! Strangely enough, though, I found myself intrigued. What would I be able to do with this service, I wondered. Would I try...