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Little Movies

Little Movies Brings You Daily Movie Recommendations

Thousands of movies released every year, and many of them don’t do well at the box-office and quickly make their way to online streaming services. You also have tens of thousands of movies released in the previous years that you may have never gotten a chance to watch. With so much content out there, it becomes difficult to find something you want to watch. There are several sites, like Letterboxd for example, that offer a bunch of different ways to...


Twitter Launches a Redesigned UI Across iPhone, iPad and the Web [Updated]

Twitter today announced a major redesign to its UI across all its major platforms — iPhone, iPad and Android apps, Tweetdeck, as well as on the Web (including the Mobile website and Twitter Lite). This redesign introduces a consistent design languages across all the platforms and also introduces a (much needed) refreshing experience to the product. Of course, just like all the previous redesigns, the changes introduced today aren’t going well with its user base. The biggest change today comes...

BitWorth App

BitWorth — Cryptocurrency Net Worth Calculator

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the words “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” being thrown around a lot these days. Bitcoin was in the news just last week as it crossed the $3000 figure for the first time. I’ll admit, though, I don’t really understand cryptocurrencies at all. In fact, I had no idea there are over 700 different cryptocurrencies around the globe. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, DogeCoin have gained a lot of attention in recent months...

Day One Journal Adds End-to-End Encryption Feature to the iOS App


Watchlist: Save Movies to Watch Later

Every once in a while, you find yourself in a conversation with your friends or peers where they mention a movie that you’ve never heard about. More often than not, these are films that they either cannot stop praising or talking about, or you find the plot interesting enough that you add it to your must-watch list. Happens way too often these days, doesn’t it? Watchlist is a beautifully designed iPhone app that helps you quickly add movies to your...

Vellum Finally Adds an In-App Purchase to Disable Ads