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Vellum Adds a ‘Daily Wallpaper’ Section to the App

SwiftKey Keyboard 2.0 for iOS Adds 68 New Languages, Two New Themes & More

Things 3

Things 3: The Return of the Delightful To-Do App from Cultured Code

If my memory serves me correctly, Cultured Code’s Things was one of the first 3rd-party apps I’d spent serious money on. I first came across the app when Shawn Blanc — my favorite source of app recommendations back then — wrote this extensive review of Things on his blog. I was new to the whole “GTD” concept, but there was something very peculiar and attractive about how Things looked and worked. I was instantly hooked. And so were several others,...

Design Feedback

Design Feedback Sticker Pack

Getting critical feedback is an integral part of any design process. It always helps getting a different view about your work, and it goes a long way in improving the next iteration. If you’re a designer or part of a design team, then there’s a long list of phrases that you typically keep on using while communicating with your team members. The folks at NFN Labs have put together this lovely sticker part titled ‘Design Feedback‘ for this very thing....


Cone — A Live Color Picker for your iPhone

The world is full of fascinating colors, isn’t it? I was watching a video about the auroras just a few minutes ago and while being mesmerized by the incredible array of colorful lights, I wondered if I should take a screenshot from the video just to use those colors in a design somewhere. I had the exact same thoughts while walking around in the Mughal gardens of Jammu & Kashmir. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a live color picker...

Klok App Updated with iOS 10 Style Today Widget, Haptic Feedback and Tweaked UI