A Gorgeously Simple App to Track your Stock Portfolio

Shares is a simple iPhone app that lets you keep track of your stocks portfolio. Unlike most other stocks apps out there on the App Store which let you follow the stocks of the companies you are interested in, Shares gives you the option to add how many shares of that company you own and what price did you buy them for. This way, instead of tracking just the cost of each share over time, you actually track the status of your investments.

Shares displays all this data in a very beautiful, yet simple and straightforward UI. There are no cluttered graphs to follow — just plain old numbers. You know exactly how a company is doing, what the value of the stock is and how much you’ve won or lost today. You can either view a single company at a time, or track the total investments. I should add that Shares only works with publicly traded companies on the US Stock Exchange.

Shares makes use of elegant colors and a fine grain texture on its UI, which makes the overall experience of using the app very pleasing. Shares is available on the App Store and FREE for a limited time.

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