AdSenseZen — A Quick Glance at your AdSense Earnings

Even though a Google’s AdSense ads are generally considered to be ugly and intrusive, there’s a large number of people using them on their websites. It continues to generate a fair bit of revenue for publishers and Google offers plenty of easy options to add the code to their sites. If you’re looking for an easy way to check your AdSense earnings on the move, AdSenseZen is the perfect app for you.

Designed and developed by the Greek trio of @titanas, @kalevgr and @nicktoumpelis (the former two also being in the trio who brought us Analytiks app for Google Analytiks), AdSenseZen shows you your earnings data in a beautiful design. Once you launch the app, you can take a quick glance at today’s and this month’s earnings, along with a neat graph at the top. There’s also a % increase/decrease to show you exactly how your performed. Tapping on the little red ribbon takes you too a list of your daily earnings so far.

AdSenseZen carries a very beautiful design, using a wood texture along with paper taped onto it, yet manages to present the data to you in a very clean way. At $1.99 on the App Store, it’s an easy choice to make if you’re running AdSense ads.

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