BeerStat: Mobile beer tracker

BeerStat: Mobile beer tracker

Here’s a fun app.

Ever wanted to keep a record of your beer drinking activities? Yup. BeerStat allows you to add beers to your life counter in a deep and fulfilling manner. You get to add your favourite brands, add average costs to its variants, and specify quantities. This is a one time setup, as adding beers to your counter is a very quick process. You can then delve into detailed statistics of your beer drinking habits, and suggests interesting ways to burn off the excess calories.

So what does it bring in terms of UI? The biggest thing of note is the unique tab bar. Instead of tapping the taps, you slide the bar right to get to the next one. Kind of like the one we saw in the Gift Plan app, but this one’s linear. While it’s certainly not an improvement over a standard tab bar, it’s really well done, looks beautiful, and adds to the fun for its app. Rest of the app is also littered with well placed pixels, although there are some areas, both in terms of pixels and workflow, that seem to have been done hastily. It’s also sad that the home screen shows you a picture of a beer and not something more alive — missed opportunity.

The app costs $0.99, is probably not going to change your life for the better, but is fun. Check out the promo video below:

BeerStat Promo from 177DESIGNS on Vimeo.