Learn music on the fly with Capo for iPhone

Learn music on the fly with Capo for iPhone

Capo for the Mac has been around for quite a while now (and already been reviewed over at SA). It is a gorgeous-looking app for learning music by slowing it down, eliminating certain elements of the sound for getting special lines in focus and much more. It is really one of the best apps for Mac users have secret musical aspirations. Now developer of SuperMegaUltraGroovy announced Capo for the iPhone.

It has basically got the same UI as the Mac application, but shrunken down to the iPhone display. And: it still looks tasty! In terms of functionality, the only feature missing is the ability to remove certain frequencies — the rest is all there, meaning you can mark parts, loop riffs or other song elements and so forth. But though Capo looks like hell, the price is diabolic as well (we’re talking in terms of the App Store here). $20 on the App Store is definitely way out there in Apple’s mobile marketplace. The question being, is Capo for iPhone a novelty app, or can it be used for serious musical soul-searching? Perhaps we’ll find out and let you know in a full review on SA.

Meanwhile, go check out the Capo Demo video.

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