I love it when indie devs email us about apps they’ve released on the App Store and in the email, they give us a brief insight into what went into making the app. A few days ago, we received an email about Cost, a really wonderful iPhone app for keeping track of your money.

Cost’s most striking feature is how simply elegant its UI is. Cost has a great “minimalistic” vibe going for it and it definitely makes it a fantastically designed app. Adding a new entry in Cost is as easy as swiping down on the screen. There’s a horizontal line-up of categories that you can file the entry into and a simple toggle switch just above the numeric keyboard to mark the entry as income or expense. The main screen lists all the transaction during the day, with a neat little line graph at the bottom for the week. You can change the view to a different date by tapping the calendar icon at the top left. At the top right, next to the settings icon, is the icon to generate a quick report of all the data you’ve been tracking in the app. This report gives you a great overview of how your money was spent or which category brought in the most income.

Cost is not just fantastic with its UI, it boasts a bunch of nifty features as well. You can add additional, custom categories from the Settings as well as multiple ‘Accounts’ in the app. The Calendar view, when invoked, marks the dates that have entries added in the database. There are a couple of bugs in the app, but none that are dealbreakers. Cost is Free on the App Store, so you should definitely check it out.

[Masthead via Placeit]

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