Cues – Locational Reminders that do it Right

Cues – Locational Reminders that do it Right

A few days ago, I wrote about ListBook, a simple yet stunning to-do app for iPhone to keep a handle on your day-to-day tasks. Judging by the response, ListBook really was just what many of you needed. Nonetheless, here today is Cues, yet another sexy to-do app, this time running different objective. Cues’ focus is all location. Just like the upcoming location-based reminders in iOS 5, Cues will will go that bit extra by reminding you of tasks not at a set date or time, but as you go to or from a location; the point when you know your task will be relevant.

Cues does things differently straight from the name – they’re not to-do’s, they’re not tasks — they’re cues. With built-in local notifications, the app gives you a cue on what it is you need to do. Arranged by location in an indisputably erotic custom list layout, adding your cues is quick and easy. Simply enough, just tap the +, name your cue, perhaps a description, and select a ‘type’ from one of the hot, hot icons. That’s all it would take for most to-do apps, but Cues takes it one step further. You’ll need to attach a location to your cue. If it’s not  yet in your previously constructed list of places, Cues pulls up a map of nearby locations all plotted thanks to Google Places integration; a clever addition. Once you’ve set your location, you’re free to change the alert radius – that is, how far from that point it is when Cues will notify you – select a color for your cue, and you’re golden.

With your cue set to chime on entry or exit to and fro a location radius, remembering shit stuff just got way too easy. You don’t work for the to-do app, the to-do app works for you.

I love this app, I really do, though I was left with one small gripe. Nothing that isn’t a touch off from what it should be. Perhaps in an attempt to keep it simple, you are limited to working with a map pulling just under 50% of the screen real estate, a tedious experience for far-off locations. The good news is that I’m not the only one, and that should see a change in future updates so adding cues will flow without a hitch.

Aside from my persnickety nitpick, Cues is damn awesome and available at $1.99 on the App Store. It serves up beauty and brains that go rivalled, perhaps, only by Apple themselves.