Delibar touch — Keep on bookmarking on the go

Delibar touch — Keep on bookmarking on the go

It may be said that social bookmarking a.k.a. Delicious doesn’t have that much hype anymore — Twitter, facebook or even tumblr has largely negated the need for a link sharing platform. But delicious can be more than social bookmarking; it can be about personal bookmarking a.k.a. Pinboard. It’s only better when there are beautiful client apps to keep you company across devices, with Delibar, now available on the iPhone.

Delivering all needed implementation and controls you may need, Delibar really is full-featured social bookmarking right at your fingertips on the road. You can edit, add (via bookmarklet in Mobile Safari) and delete bookmarks from Delicious and Pinboard. You can search through others and save those searches. There’s a lot more to explore in there. But most importantly, all these features are rounded up by the tasty UI they are packed into. It combines native elements like the navigation and tab bars with the custom implementation of the bookmarks list in a folder like view you’ve never seen before.

So if you use either of these bookmarking services, whether for social or personal reasons, and like intuitive design (why else would you be here?) there are several really good reasons to buy Delibar for $1.99. Embedded below is a video demo of the app.

Delibar for iPhone

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