Dozzzer Lets You Do Just That

Dozzzer Lets You Do Just That

Despite having an iPhone for about 3 years now it wasn’t until around 6 months ago that I discovered the iPhone’s Clock app features a ‘Sleep iPod’ option to run once your set timer has ended. It sounded handy for those nights where a little music is just the thing to get you to sleep; play some of your softer tunes for a bit and have them automatically stop once you think you’ll have dozed off. Unfortunately it’s not the most lulling option as your music will continue playing at the set volume until and even well after you’ve fallen asleep, possibly even waking you again.

That’s where Lukas Burgstaller’s gorgeous Dozzzer makes it’s mark. Setting aside the stunning interface for a moment Dozzzer’s main function is simply to incrementally lower you’re volume until it’s completely off. Dozzzer uses any duration of time between 1 and 90 minutes that you set.

Now with that sexy UI. Simple, but sexy. Blending nicely right from the replaced status bar background straight down to the bottom of the screen Dozzzer features but a few options; play, the volume fade range, shuffle and repeat, volume control, and of course music selection. ‘Select Music’ pulls up an entirely new (and once again gorgeous) view that’s something akin to your standard Tabs shuffled around a bit, but you’re free to select single songs, artists, albums, playlists, or even an entire genre which may be you’re best bet in finding music that will put you to sleep faster.

Dozzzer also offers AirPlay support, background audio playback (so you can quit the app and have it continue working just as expected), and a sleek dark interface that plays nice with your eyes in the dark.

Despite a couple rough pixels on the needle and some of the curves, Dozzzer is still a gorgeous deal at just $0.99 in the App Store.