iLend — Keep Track of Things You Lend or Borrow

iLend — Keep Track of Things You Lend or Borrow

iLend is a gorgeous app that helps you keep track of the things or items that you lend or borrow with your friends, family or colleagues. Available for iPhone and Android devices, iLend lets you quickly add any items in seconds so you don’t just have a ready list of items, but also who it belongs to or who you’ve lent it to.

Adding things in iLend is easy — simply choose the type (Borrow or Lend) and the Category from six available options — Money, Tech, Books, Clothes, Games or Other. If you choose money, you can specify the amount and also the currency. You can also optionally add a note to each item you add in the app.

iLend works great if you have a Facebook account, but also works without one. When you connect your Facebook account, your list of friends is ready for you to choose from. When you add an item for a friend, both you and your friend see it in the app. Without it, you have to manually type your friend’s name, but this also means you have greater control.

When we featured the iLend icon on App Icon Gallery, I wrote how I used to wonder why there is a palm tree on the icon, before realizing the iLend -> Island connection. Heh!

iLend is available for Free on the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android Devices.

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