Keep Track of What’s About to Expire With Expires

Expires by Jiří Urbášek is a nice little utility to keep track of expiration dates. It can help you by notifying you well before (you specify how much in advance) something expires or before a certain date. The app design is full of subtle but lively animations and a lovely purple throughout.

Expires lets you add items and dates very quickly. On first launch it doesn’t load up any tutorial or anything. It displays a nearly empty purple gradient and text telling you to add items that will expire. Tapping the Add Event button at the bottom brings up a view with all the types of items the app supports in addition to an “other” category that lets you specify custom entries. Once you choose a type, a new view slides in asking you to set the expiration date on a picker, how much in advance you would like to be reminded if at all and a note for the item. That’s all it takes to add something to Expires. The main page now has a cards style interface. Expired items are solid white with red text and on the top. Items are arranged in ascending order of how much time till expiration.

Expires is a very simple and straightforward app. It does one thing really well. It saves you the trouble of entering this kind of stuff in your calendar app. I don’t like how it handles scrolling categories though. There is some text overlap that looks ugly. Expires is available on the App Store for $0.99.

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