Lumicon – A Gorgeous Tactical Word Game

Lumicon – A Gorgeous Tactical Word Game

Nial Giacomelli is somewhat of a regular here. Having been featured for Episodes, Showtime, and Nibbble, Nial is back with Lumicon that is one of the most beautiful word games ever.

Lumicon has some of the best typography seen in games and also has some amazing music. Glynn Smith’s sounds perfectly complement this elegant game. The game itself is not too complicated to understand and has Game Center integration. There are 3 difficulties and believe me, the advanced one really pushes you to your limit. You pop words formed by the letters dragged into the rows above for points. This game is basically what scrabble would be on the Starship Enterprise. You can also post your score to twitter. Another small touch is the nice colour scheme changes that happen as you play the game.

If you like word games, this is definitely one of the best looking ones on the App Store. Lumicon is a welcome addition to the App Store since there was only one really beautiful word game before it, Spell Tower. I hope an iPad version of Lumicon is in the works as I can only imagine how nice this will look on the Retina iPad. Lumicon is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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