Minimalist Timer

Minimalist Timer

Inspired by this design tutorial for a very minimal dial, Horace Ho put together is brilliantly minimal timer app for the iPhone aptly titled Minimalist Timer.

Minimalist Timer is beautiful. It features only one screen with one single round dial on it. Tiny “-” and “+” buttons on either side of the dial let you decrease or increase the timer count, the interval of which can be set in the app’s settings. There are handy one-tap counts at the bottom so you can quickly set your favorite interval. These, again, can be customized to your liking from the settings. You may even rotate the dial manually, though I couldn’t use two-finger multitouch for this action. Double-tap resets the timer and single-tap pauses and resumes it. Minimalist Timer is capable of running in the background and shows you a badge when a timer is running. Upon completion, it even alerts you with a local notification. Nifty!

My favorite thing about the app is the Zero-touch(tm) Timer feature. With this, you can pre-set the duration in the settings and next time you launch the app, it’ll automatically begin counting down without waiting for you to tap anything.

Minimalist Timer is available Free on the App Store and comes with the In App Purchase option to disable Ads for $0.99, but never once did I see any ads in the first place.

Update: The developer has just clarified that ads will only be shown once the user uses the app for more than 20 times and since he uses iAds, they may not be available in all countries.

[H/T Michiel Bijl]

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