Moni 3 — The Personal Finance Manager is Back

Moni 3 — The Personal Finance Manager is Back

I wrote about Moni a little over four years ago in 2012, after I’d started using it as the default app to manage my finances. It was unlike any other money manager I had come across back then, and it had a lot of praise-worthy things going for it. I wrote,

Moni features a very elegant interface that uses a very impressive choice of colors and interactions. The app has a very flat-ish look to and features absolutely no native elements, giving it a very sleek and dare I say, sexy look. It’s not just Moni’s UI that makes it so good, it’s how functionally simple it is to use.

Today, two years after its last update, the devs at Whitewater Labs have released Moni 3.0 — a substantial update to the fantastic app. With this release, everything in the app is completely free, including the ability to backup, sync and export your data. You can sync your data across devices using a Moni account, which you’ll be prompted to sign up for if you haven’t already. The UI has received a facelift as well, and looks just as elegant as it was in 2012. The various accounts you create in the app can now also be shared with your friends and family. Moni also introduces charts in this version, so you can visually keep track of your expenses.

There are several improvements in Moni 3.0 and it’s available for Free on the App Store.

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