Moodagent – Beautiful playlists on the fly

[tweetmeme] Some of you might use Genius, some might use plain old shuffle, or some might use some complex playlist generation software like Tangerine. Whatever be your preference, you must check out Moodagent, a slick little iPhone app with jazzy graphics.

After a rather long initial sync with their cloud database, the moodagent client is ready to create playlists. You simply slide the mood icons up and down, and it creates a playlist. If you want you can start with a seed track and moodagent will take over. You can then save playlists and come back to them later. The playlists themselves are seemingly accurate representations of the mood graph, but then it could all just be subjective psychology. They’re good playlists though.

For a limited time, this app is free, which gives you one big reason to go check out the app. Even if you know you don’t want a playlist generator, you’d want to have that jazzy icon on your home screen; at least during the holiday season.

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2 Responses

  1. Moodagent says:


    Track was not profiled due to error in input file. Possible explanations:
    – DRM protected music is not supported
    – Only sample rate 44.1 kHz is supported (as all CDs)
    – Tracks shorter than 30 seconds is not supported
    – Track has defects or is not a proper music format at all.

    Supported formats wma, mp3, wav, ape, flac, aif, m4a, aac

  2. Marcos castaneda says:

    I lost over 600 songs when I synchrd moodagent to 3 new songs I had added to my music library. How can I get the songs back?

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