Get Nomis to hear new music instantly

I am a music addict. And everytime I hear of a new release by one of my countless favorite bands I think “What? It is out for about two months now, why did I not know that?!” The problem is that there aren’t any music news resources that cater to your personal tastes — iTunes’s new releases panel shows you either the Beatles or John Mayer. Nomis, developed by the German developer duo Taprockets is a fresh approach to keep you updated with the works of your favourite artists.

In a very hot, Attic-like interface design, Nomis syncs artist information via the iPhone’s iPod app to get your current musical taste. It then works in the background, reminding you when one of the synced (and then listed) artists has come up with a new release. You can then listen to a preview directly in the app and, if you like what you hear, head over to the store and get it. You see, it’s a perfect app for music lovers (like me) who do not have a central resource to get their favorite music. Nomis is available on the App Store for a $1.99. Worth it.

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