Ordet is a Fun Word Game for iPhone

Word games on the iPhone are a lot of fun. Unlike Mikhail, who loves to purchase every possible game developed on this planet along with its soundtrack, I play very few games to begin with. I’ve never been a huge fan of games with insane graphics like Infinity Blade or Real Racing 3 — I prefer something that I can play with when I need to waste some time, something that I can stop playing and continue a few hours later. Due to these reasons, word games are awesome. If I ever find myself waiting for a bus, standing in the queue for a ticket or waiting at the Doctor’s for an appointment, I’ll just whip out my phone and play a game or too. When Letterpress came out, it took the iOS market by storm. Everyone was hooked, including me. A similar game that I stumbled onto recently, is Ordet.

Ordet is a fun little game for iPhone that has you create words from characters assigned to you. When you first launch the game, you are presented with an instructional manual booklet with iBooks-like page turn effects and even little details like the stapled pins on the left. In the game, you are assigned 7 random letters from which you are supposed to form at least 3-letter-words. On every level, you have to form the longest word possible using those letters to proceed to the next level. The UI is neatly laid out and actually feels nice when you’re playing the game. There are little sounds in the game that add to the experience and make the gameplay even more fun. You can tap on each successful word to open the dictionary sheet to lean the meaning of it, in case it was a random guess. Bonus points are awarded if you can guess all possible words in a level.

While Ordet’s gameplay is a lot of fun, I do wish the moves were a little easier though. For example, you can rearrange the letters in the bar after you’ve moved them there. You also can’t just return a single letter back to your keyboard, you have to return all the characters to its right as well. This is a minor annoyance and hope is attended to in an update. Even though Ordet is one of the many word games available on the App Store, it still maintains a class of its own with a suave UI and polish. If you’re into word games like me, I definitely recommend purchasing it. It is available on the App Store for $2.99.

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