Outside app – Perhaps even prettier than the real outside

[tweetmeme] I have absolutely no interest in knowing the weather conditions—add to that our weather department is bogus— but I can’t wait to get my hands on Outside. Created by Will Wu of Robocat Apps, Outside is a beautiful weather app, with delicious pixels cooked by the Michael Flarup of PixelResort.com. The ‘candy’ UI does away with standard controls, but you look at it and it feels right at home on the iPhone. What you can’t see in the screenshots, is that the view through ‘the window’ is fully animated and involves a simple intuitive swipe gestures to switch from basic to detailed views.


What does it do?

Outside tells you the weather. But it’s not like any other weather app. Instead of just throwing you numbers, it tells you whether you need to carry along an umbrella today. Or notify you if there’s going to be rain in the afternoon, and have you know when you can walk out wearing your cool typographic T-shirt you bought a few days ago. There’s a beautiful teaser video if you’d like to see it in action. Outside has already been submitted to the App Store for approval, and should cost $2.99 when it’s out. We’ll have a more objective review on SA by then.

But Outside’s beauty doesn’t just stop at the app. The website is also a marvelous mix of graphics guided by the latest in HTML and CSS. There’s no flash involved whatsoever; just Webkit animations. And last, but definitely not the least, I give you, the icon.


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3 Responses

  1. Lynn Stricker says:

    I purchased your app a month ago for $2.99, love it it worked great until it was time to
    purchased the 300 days for $1.99, the app would not load, tried it for several days, yesterday I deleted the app in hopes of re-installing it to fix the problem, the Outside app is now requiring me again the pay another $2.99 it doesn’t recognize that I already purchased it and the 300 days, I noticed as well on iTunes that I was over charged , 1st time $2.99 (for the app) another $2.99 (a double charge for the same Outside app) and $1.99 for the 300 days, I am not one for purchasing a lot of apps unless I feel they are worth it and I haven’t made any purchases in a while. I would appreciate if you could resolve this matter so that I can re-install your app without being charged and find out why I was charged another $2.99 for the same app.

    Thank you Lynn Stricker

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