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Arrive Track Shipping Deliveries

Arrive Helps You Track Shipping of Your Online Orders Automatically

Arrive is a new iPhone app from Shopify that helps you keep track of your online orders. Using the app, you can instantly and automatically track all your orders in one place, without having to manually enter tracking numbers or copy-paste URLs. With the holiday season just around the corner, Arrive is a great way to get updates on where your shipments or parcels have currently reached. Arrive works with your Gmail account — you have to grant access to...


‘RememBear’ is a New Password Manager from the TunnelBear Team

There’s only a couple of VPN services I’ve used extensively in the past. The one I’ve used the most was Cloak — which recently got acquired by StackPath and is now known as, and TunnelBear — which is what I’m currently using. The latter is what I’ve been using for a year now, largely since it offers a node right here in India. The service has been great and I’ve had no complaints whatsoever. Today, the team behind TunnelBear...

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Solitaere - Solitaire Game for iPhone and iPad

‘Solitaere’ is a Beautiful Take on the Classic Card Game

Solitaere is a remarkably beautiful card game for iOS that I’ve been playing on my iPhone since early 2016. It is a lovely take on Solitaire — the age-old and classic card game that most of us have spent hours playing on Windows PCs. Crafted by Keiran Flanigan, Solitaere makes playing the game of Solitaire thoroughly enjoyable and a lot of fun. Solitaere features a clean, minimal and elegant layout and design. The cards laid out on the screen look...

Download and Manage iOS Apps without iTunes

iMazing 2.5 Lets you Download and Manage iOS Apps without iTunes

A few weeks ago, Apple released iTunes 12.7 — a notable update to the company’s once favorite destination to cram new & unrelated features into. iTunes had long become an exceptionally slow and cumbersome app that acted as a music player, video player, media library, media store, podcast store and library, iOS device management tool and iOS App Store interface. The iTunes 12.7 update removed the ability to access the iOS App Store from within iTunes and also removed the...

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