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Readdle’s Black Friday Sale Makes Some of the Best Productivity Apps Even More Accessible

Anchor Pointer 2.0

Anchor Pointer is the lovely GPS Compass app for iPhone that we first wrote about back in July 2014. The app lets you drop pins anchors on a map to bookmark those locations, and then helps you point towards them using the compass, so that you can navigate your way easily. The first version of the app was really nicely done with a simple and elegant UI and worked really well. A few days ago, Anchor Pointer was updated to...

Letterpress 3.0 Introduces Chat, Statistics, Leaderboards and more

Origami – App Prototyping for the 21st Century

A single year of software testing taught me one simple fact – Engineers are from Xcode and Designers are from Photoshop. They speak completely different languages, most of the time. When they do manage to collaborate, they are both used to such different tools, that a well designed app or service actually ends up, almost always, as a compromise release – with both sides having a say, but neither side getting EXACTLY what it wants. Enter Origami, an amazing, opensource...

Medium’s App Update Makes Blogging Even Better

Moon — Your Personal Lunar Portal

Moon is probably one of the best examples of apps that are part of prestigious ‘one-thing-well‘ club. As the name suggests, Moon is a simple app that helps you keep yourself updated with not just the current moon phase, but also how it will look on a certain date. There’s something calm and serene about Moon’s UI. You tend to keep looking at the moon in the dark sky lit by millions of little stars and other objects. You can...