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Vellum Wallpapers App for iPhone

Vellum — Wallpapers Galore

We review a lot of things here at Beautiful Pixels — from Text Editors to Calendar Apps, and everything in between. Wallpaper apps don’t make much of an appearance on this site, because what matters with such an app is less how it is designed, but rather how beautiful its contents are, specifically, the quality of the photographs that it offers up. Vellum, developed by the creator of the most excellent Mextures photo editing app, is an app that gets...

tlkn - voip app for iOS

tlkn — The Super Simple VOIP App for iOS and Android

I have been writing about beautifully designed apps for just over eight years now. Although I started off writing about Mac apps at Smoking Apples, it was the launch of iPhone and the introduction of its App Store that essentially changed my life and brought me to where I am today — writing about beautiful pixels on Beautiful Pixels. Since I’m based in Mumbai, India, I have always been curious to find out about apps that are built (in part...

nvNotes — The Lovely Note Taking App for iOS

Mozilla Has Acquired Pocket

Mobiata is Sunsetting FlightTrack, The Best Flight Tracking App for iOS

Mimo — Codified Fun

The popularity of the smartphone has taught us one thing — Apps are the way of the future. The web will always be around, but the most future-proof interaction paradigm for today’s users is a smartphone app, backed by a solid web-based back end. The jobs of the future, for instance, will increasingly tend to this philosophy. People, however, don’t need to learn to code only to earn a livelihood, however. There are always the people who have a niche...