Parking with Parkbud is Undeniably Elegant

Parking with Parkbud is Undeniably Elegant

Finding your vehicle amongst the sea of automobiles that is a parking lot is a task that goes unrivalled for some. Even those with the keenest of memories may find themselves pacing back and forth just an aisle away from their car, certain that that is where they parked.

Well, with the iPhone, there is, of course, an app for everything. There’s been apps past and present to assist you in finding your vehicle, and there’s been some to keep an eye on the meter so you don’t have to. Not until recently, however, have both those things and more been bundle in to such a gorgeously refined application. The app feels so luxurious that you may find yourself somewhat disappointed in discovering it led you back to your ’77 Pacer rather than a fully-loaded Lexus.

The main tab of Parkbud somewhat imitates a unification of a traditional parking meter mixed with a digital display. It’s a clever design in that you can take a quick look at the needle to gage how much time has passed, perhaps handy if you’ve only walked 25% to your destination while your parking is 50% expired. However, you can quickly glance at the digital time remaining rather than picking it out through a small, curved series of numbers. In addition, Parkbud lets you set an alarm to alert you any time before your parking’s up so you have heads up on how much time is left on the meter.

The next tab is especially handy for those who struggle less with the time restrictions of parking meters and more with finding their car. Just tap on the cute little man glyph and watch him strut into animation as you’re provided with directions, the distance, and the time it’ll take you to get back to your car. Also included is the option to pull up hints about nearby parking garages; a must in the busy city.

To finish it off are to more tabs that would certainly fall in to the frills department. Use the Camera tab to include photos of your car, its location, parking restrictions, and more to make sure it’s easier than ever to find your car and furthermore that your ass is covered should something happen while you’re away from it. Finish it off with Notes, a fun skeuomorphic notepad to jot down the deets on your parking level, section, or perhaps just a reminder to withdraw cash to pay with on the way out.

Parkbud runs for just a $1.99 in the App Store, and for even just the one time you may use it, the $30 parking ticket or 30 minutes spent searching for your car it may save you from makes it all worth it.