Photovine is Another Beautiful Photo Sharing App

Here’s the newest kid on a block that’s already populated by a large number of photo-sharing apps for the iPhone. The iPhone makes a great pocket camera, so it’s not surprising that many big and small companies want to put out apps that take a bite out of it. Photovine is a gorgeous new app that functions very much like Piictu.

In Photovine, when you post/upload a photo for the first time, it starts a “vine” of sorts where other people on the service can add their own photos to the vine that fit the title. So if I start a new vine called “My phone”, others can add their own contributions to it. The whole app revolves around this basic idea and includes a good walkthrough when you first launch the app.

The app is extremely well design, with beautiful pixels spread across every corner and screen. This is a little surprising to me, as Photovine comes from a team at Google. But at the same time, I’m happy to see Google taking design seriously these days.

Thought Photovine has been around for a while now, it only opened to the public today and the app is available free on the App Store.
Photovine also has a beautifully designed page to display the photos being shared on Facebook or Twitter.

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